28 May 2008

Here goes nothing

This, I suppose, is my reaction to the plethora of networking sites...

This past year has been intense. I recently reached a significant and long-awaited moment in my academic career, found out I have at least 12 guaranteed months of dissertation research ahead of me, and am successfully collaborating with other heavy-hitters on several projects. And it's only getting started.

In about a month I will move to Charleston temporarily to explore how various sources of information about tropical cyclones move through vulnerable communities. It dawned on me today that this work will happen during hurricane season...a fact that is entirely outweighed by the fact that I'll be living on the beach for a few weeks.

Directly after that work, I will 'liquidate' my life in Athens and move in with my folks for a few weeks before leaving for Peru (more on that later, I'm sure). Fortunately I will be staying with my folks at the peak of the blue crab season, which in addition to more waterfront living, is certainly the culinary height of my summer.

So I suppose that will do by way of introduction for now. Hopefully, I'll get better at this...