03 July 2008

Folly Beach

Hello out there. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of camping, Athfest-ing and yard sale-ing with the usual crew (in the usual state), but I finally made it to Charleston and so now have some time to breathe, unwind a bit and begin to focus on the upcoming changes. Being in Athens, or maybe the lack of a real break since last summer, was keeping me too close to the research and feeling suffocated. Distancing myself has allowed my mind to open and the next steps are becoming clearer, and more exciting. Even a short trip to Charleston has reminded me of the excitement that comes from new people, places, and experiences.

Of course I am working while in Charleston, and as with most work it has bursts of excitement and insight but is moving slower than I or my PI had hoped. But such is a rapid fire pilot project. Fortunately, my house mates and I have made regular trips to the beach in the evenings for long walks along the ocean. I miss it dearly and vow to spend a summer by the ocean at some point in the near future, perhaps after I submit my you know what (it that shall not be named). Now the only question is which ocean...? Suggestions welcome, although I will require an ocean without little plastic castles along its shoreline.

I'm off for now. More interviewing in the morning and, of course, I must figure out how to best catch the 'award-winning' fireworks display off the Ravenel Bridge on the 4th. It has been years since I've seen fireworks over water and there are few things that bring me such joy.