03 June 2010

World Cup 2010

So, certainly a different set of mountains (though the diurnal extremes are similar to where I've spent the last year and change), but I am off soon to the hills of South Africa where I will be joining soccer fans from around the world to celebrate the 2010 World Cup, the first games hosted on the African continent!

Stay tuned for updates from our trip across eastern South Africa (as we assume you are following the games on your own). After a LONG layover in Munich, we start in Johannesburg for the days leading up to the first game with England, then head north to Nelspruit, just outside the southern entrances to Kruger National Park (one site to find the 'Big Five'), back to Gauteng for another two games, then off to the east coast to camp on the beach with elephants! Hopefully the 4-man can deal with the herds...

More soon. Happy footballing!


Michael Valliant said...

AAALLL kinds of jealous :) Have a blast, report and take lots of pictures. Enjoy!

MaryJean said...

Hi Kate Dunbar! from your old pals at the Bertrand Library, Lona and Mary Jean!